The innovative DSC 214 Polyma is robust, easy to use and precise. The novel design of the instrument includes everything required for successful DSC investigations, regardless of whether the user is a beginner or an experienced professional. The two new software developments, Identify and AutoEvaluation are setting new standards.

Key Features

The key features of the 214 Polyma are:

  • New all-inclusive 360° product package for the characterization of polymers
  • Easier sample preparation than ever before
  • Automated measurement and evaluation
  • Further information about the 360° product package
  • Integrated in the DSC 214 Polyma is an oval furnace with a very low thermal mass (Arena furnace), which allows for heating and cooling rates of up to 500 K/min – values previously unachievable with heat-flux DSCs.
  • Temperature profiles can now be realized which are far closer to real processing conditions than the cooling rates of 10 or 20 K/min which are typically employed.
  • The novel, patent-pending Corona sensor is comprised of a core of nickel chromium and an outer ring of constantan. Both materials are diffusion-welded. This generates a defined, ring-shaped zone where the temperature under the crucible is recorded, resulting in a significantly higher reproducibility, especially in combination with the Concavus crucibles, which are also both new and patent-pending.

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NETZSCH DSC214 Polyma - Your-Solution For Differential Scanning Calorimetry


The First Classic Heat-Flux DSC for Fast Cooling
Groundbreaking Sensor Technology
Ideal Combination of Furnace, Sensor and Crucible

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