Mini-Z Series - Benchtop Single Element WDXRF Analyzer

The Mini-Z series of analyzers, a series of compact benchtop wavelength dispersive XRF analyzers, are designed for analyzing specific single elements. Since the optics are configured optimally to a specific element, this series enables high precision and low detection limits.

It is possible to configure Mini-Z as a-Si analyzers such as for coated Si on paper or plastic, and Al analyzers such as for coated Al on paper or plastic, a Ni analyzer such as for Ni coating or plating, a Cl analyzer, a P analyzer for biofuels or a Zr analyzer such as for Zr coating.

The Rigaku Mini-Z series benchtop WDXRF spectrometers are completely contained X-ray generating systems. Safety and interlocks “X-RAY ON” indicators are present in order to protect operators from being exposed to X-rays being produced.

Key Features

The key features of the Mini-Z series, Benchtop single element wavelength dispersive XRF analyzer are:

  • Exceptional repeatability
  • Wide analysis range
  • High-resolution, wavelength dispersive optics
  • Excellent LLD
  • Peak and background measurements
  • Easy-to-operate software
  • No cooling water, plug-n-play
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • No complex sample preparation required (reagent treatment, etc.)


The applications of the Mini-Z series, benchtop single element WDXRF analyzer are:

  • 10-Day repeatability data from the optimized Mini-Z Sulfur Analyzer on a 1 ppm ultra-low sulfur Conostan diesel standard
  • Analysis of low concentration sulfur in automotive fuels by mini-z sulfur analyzer according to ASTM D2622-10
  • Analysis of P, S, Cl in biodiesel
  • Precision data from the Rigaku Mini-Z Sulfur Analyzer for ultra-low sulfur levels in fuels

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