RAPID II -Versatile Imaging Plate Crystallography System

The latest member of the RAPID II family is a dual source configuration that includes a Cu microfocus sealed tube and a Mo standard sealed tube. This combination was chosen based on the best performance for the crystallographer: a microfocus Cu tube coupled with a multilayer mirror outperforms a standard Cu sealed tube system and a standard Mo sealed tube coupled with a curved graphite monochromator, which outperforms a microfocus Mo source with multilayer optic.

The RAPID II has a very large aperture. With a 204° capture angle in the horizontal direction, this means more diffraction from your crystal during an exposure. This reduces the number of images that must be scaled and collected together. The large aperture and lack of electronic noise implies that powder diffraction and diffuse scattering measurements are easily made, even on small samples where long exposure times are required. The RAPID II has a simple design that makes it easy to use and can be repaired in the field itself if needed.

Key Features

The key features of the RAPID II are:

  • Standard three dimensional structure determination from single crystals
  • Determination of absolute structure of chiral compounds
  • Complete high-resolution data for charge-density modeling
  • Structure determination from very small crystals
  • Diffuse scattering patterns employing long X-ray exposures
  • High pressure measurements using a diamond anvil cell
  • Supramolecular structures (meta-structures, often with large unit cells)
  • Complete hndling of twinned and modulated crystals
  • Phase ID of powder samples
  • Fiber diffraction patterns
  • Macromolecular structure determination

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