CUV 5 Broadband UV Radiometer for Monitoring of Global UV Electromagnetic Radiation

CUV 5 is a general-purpose instrument for applications in material testing, meteorology, for lamp monitoring and for use in ageing tests in solar simulators.

The high quality diffuser and dome offer an optimized directional response. An optical filter provides sensitivity to combined UVA ad UVB irradiance. A voltage output is generated by the photodiode linearly proportional to the UV intensity. CUV 5 is not suitable for the measurement of specific parts of the UV spectrum such as UVA, UVB or UVE/UV Index. The UVS series is required for the measurement of these individual parameters. Easy installation is facilitated by a waterproof plug and socket cable connection.

The connector is protected by a snap-on sun shield and viewing of the integrated bubble level is enabled. The screw-in drying cartridge is easy to remove and the replacement desiccant is supplied in convenient refill packets.

Key Features

The key features of the CUV 5 Broadband UV Radiometer are:

  • For monitoring of ‘total UV’ irradiance
  • Excellent linearity and directional response
  • Reliable under all weather conditions.

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