VeeMAX III – High Performance Specular Reflectance Tool for Material Analysis

The VeeMAX III is a high performance and highly versatile specular reflectance accessory developed to analyze a wide range of samples. From monolayers to relatively thick films, the VeeMAX III with variable angle of incidence can be optimized for all specular applications. The angle may be changed continuously from 30 to 80° by the rotation of a single control. An automated version is also available. The VeeMAX III has a built-in polarizer mount to permit selection of polarization angle without disturbing purge.

Key Features

The key features of VEEMAX III are:

  • Selectable angle of incidence
  • Measurement of monolayers and thin films
  • Motorized options
  • Sealed and purgeable optical design with an integrated polarizer slot
  • Selectable angle of incidence – from 30 to 80° in one degree increments
  • Measurement of thin films and monolayers to relatively thick films
  • Optimize specular reflectance results with selectable angle of incidence
  • Integrated position for IR polarization – essential for monolayer analysis and study of sample orientation
  • Optional single reflection ATR crystals – see ATR section
  • Motorized version option with electronic control module and AutoPRO software for automated, high-precision experiments
  • Sealed and purgeable optical design to eliminate water vapor and carbon dioxide interferences.

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