X, Y Autosampler for High Efficiency Sample Loading

The PIKE Technologies X, Y Autosampler is developed around a standard 24, 48 or 96-well microplate architectures and is suitable for high efficiency sample loading and FTIR analysis. The loading tray moves to a position outside of the accessory for easy loading and unloading of samples while conserving the purge. This also permits interface to a robot/autoloader.

Applications include high throughput analysis of liquid residues and chemical reactions, powdered samples, and automated diffuse reflection analysis. The X, Y Autosampler is available with standard all-reflective optics or with gold-coated optical components for highest performance in mid-IR and optimized NIR sampling.

The Autosampler features an X, Y stage with both axes driven by high precision servo motors with optical encoders for speed and reproducibility. USB and DC power are the only external connections required for this accessory. An external IR detector port is required for the transmission option.

Programming and control of the X, Y Autosampler is done through PIKE Technologies’ AutoPRO software, which can be integrated easily with most FTIR software packages.

Key Features

The key features of the X, Y Autosampler are:

  • Complete hardware and software package for automated analysis with standard 24, 48, or 96-well plates. Special configurations available.
  • Diffuse reflectance of powdered samples or specular reflectance sampling for reaction residues
  • Gold-coated optics version for highest performance mid-IR and NIR sampling
  • Optional transmission sampling with integrated DTGS detector and transmission sampling plates
  • Fully enclosed, purgeable design with CD-style loading tray
  • In-compartment mounting, compatible with most FTIR spectrometers.

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