Universal ATR Sampling Tool for Material Analysis: Pike MIRacle Model

The PIKE MIRacle™ is a universal ATR sampling accessory for analyzing liquids, solids, pastes, gels and intractable materials. The commonly used configuration includes a single reflection ATR accessory with high IR throughput making it ideal for sample identification and QA/QC applications. It has an easily changeable crystal plate design that enables analysis of a broad spectrum of sample types while ensuring constant sampling path length. Available ATR crystals are diamond/ZnSe, ZnSe, Ge, and Si. Advanced options include three reflection ATR crystal plates to optimize for lower concentration components and heating.

Key Features

The key features of the PIKE MIRacle are:

  • Highest IR throughput – saving you time and improving your analysis quality
  • Complete flexibility – add options to your MIRacle as your sampling needs change
  • Highest value – for today’s competitive analytical and research needs
  • Fully configurable – ZnSe, diamond, Ge and Si MIRacle crystal plates
  • Pinned-in-place, changeable crystal plates – for fast and easy sampling optimization
  • Highest purity, type IIa diamond crystal will not scratch and is chemically inert to acidic or caustic materials
  • Optional specular reflectance plate – for measurement of coatings on reflective surfaces
  • Choice of pressure clamps – high-pressure, digital high-pressure and micrometric sample clamps
  • Sampling options – heating, temperature control, and flow through plate.

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