Diffuse Reflection Chamber for Material Characterization - DiffusIR

The DiffusIR from Pike Technologies is a research grade diffuse reflection accessory with an efficient optical design, which may accommodate optional environmental chambers. It is possible to use these specialized chambers to study the thermodynamic properties of materials, determine reaction mechanisms, perform catalytic studies and much more. High pressure, high temperature, and sub-ambient chambers are available.

Combining the DiffusIR and environmental chambers with the PIKE PC Controlled Temperature Module and TempPRO™ software helps in graphically setting up the experiment with up to 10 ramps and data collection initiated at a specified time or temperature intervals.

It is possible to perform advanced temperature studies of materials in controlled environments using the PIKE environmental chambers. A special version of the DiffusIR with gold-coated optics is available for maximum mid-IR performance and for NIR diffuse reflectance sampling. The DiffusIR and its options are compatible with most FTIR spectrometers.

Key Features

The key features of the DiffusIR are:

  • Large, highly efficient collection optics for maximum sensitivity
  • Sealed and purgeable optical design to eliminate water vapor and carbon dioxide interference
  • Micrometer controlled sample focus to optimize results for every sample
  • Optional environmental chambers for heating, cooling, high vacuum and high pressure applications
  • Quick release feature of environmental chambers for easy insertion and removal of sealed chambers
  • Digital PC controller option for macro control of data collection at user specified temperatures or times.

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