GladiATR Sample Measurement Device

The GladiATR™ is an innovative optical design offering the highest energy throughput, highest available pressure, and offering crystal plates heated up to 300°C or in a cooled form. The spectral range spans from mid-IR into the far-IR with a monolithic diamond and all-reflective optics.

The GladiATR provides a highly durable and robust design for use in environments where large numbers of samples are measured, where samples may be intractable solids, where you want the best quality spectrum every time and where you need flexibility for new sample types in the future. A Ge crystal configuration is also available for highly absorbing samples.

Key Features

The key features of the GladIATR are:

  • Monolithic diamond crystal design – not possible to scratch or fracture
  • All reflective optics - full spectral range for mid-IR and far-IR analysis
  • Temperature control options - heating up to 300°C and sub-ambient sampling
  • Extreme pressure application – for hard and demanding solid samples
  • Highest energy throughput design – for excellent quality FTIR spectra and minimum scan time
  • Optional Ge crystal plate – for high refractive index samples
  • Heated crystal plate options – taking ATR temperature studies up to 300°C
  • 300°C diamond version – for high temperature/high pressure materials studies
  • Compatible with most FTIR spectrometers.

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