Remanufactured FEI DualBeam 235 Focus Ion Beam (FIB) System

The FEI DualBeam 235 Focus Ion Beam (FIB) system offered by TSS Microscopy is a combination of a high-resolution field emission scanning electron microscope and a scanning metal ion beam microscope. The instrument includes detectors that enable SE and BSE imaging as well as secondary ion imaging.

The FEI DualBeam 235 system is a 2003 model and has been refurbished. Worldwide installation is available on this model.

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Key Features

  • High resolution imaging with the S-FEG SEM and UHR detectors
  • SE and BSE imaging
  • High accuracy milling with the Magnum ion column
  • Electron and Ion imaging
  • Flexibility and ease of use for FA, QA, R&D and product development
  • TSS can custom configure the DB235 for you

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