Stubs and Mounts for SEM Specimens (Scanning Electron Microscopy)

Agar Scientific offers a wide range of specimen stubs and mounts for microscopy, including the following:

  • SEM Specimen Stubs for JEOL instruments, 12.5mm dia, 10mm high - made of spectroscopically pure carbon to avoid the undesirable background radiation from aluminium stubs.

  • Pin stub versions of SEMClip mounts are available in 18 to 50mm diameters, and can be used with all SEMs using pin stubs. SEMClips are normally fabricated with a spring grade beryllium-copper alloy. Each clip is 0.25mm thick, 12.7mm long and 1.6mm wide at the tip. Agar also offers rectangular specimen mounts precision machined from high quality aluminium.

  • Polished silicon mounts are suitable for applications where the machined surface of aluminium or carbon stubs can cause interference for instance the examination of small particles with fine structure, mounting cell structures and determining resolution and contrast capabilities of the 'in-the-lens' field emission SEMs.

  • Low profile aluminium pin stubs are available as flat or 90°, as well as with specific angles to accommodate specimens with small working distances in FIB applications.

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