Coating Materials and Vacuum Sputter Coating Systems for SEM and TEM

Agar Scientific offers a range of vacuum coating units to suit all the sputter coating requirements required in support of TEM and SEM applications. These compact bench-top coating units are designed to a high specification and employ microprocessor technology.

Some of the available units, with their recommended applications:

  • The manual sputter coater (AGB7340) offers a low cost solution for routine gold sputtering of SEM samples.
  • In cases where finer grained coatings are required the automatic coating unit (AGB7341) is suitable.
  • The carbon coater (AGB73767A) is suitable for microanalytical applications where gold coating is not appropriate.
  • The pumping system (AGB7366) is designed for use with the coating units and includes stainless steel bellows connection, vacuum fittings and an anti-vibration platform.
  • The SEM turbocoater (AGB7230) should be used for carbon coating of polished mounted samples for backscatter applications and microprobe analysis, or carbon coating of highly porous or contoured samples.
  • The dual pumping system (AGB7736) with changeover valve is suited for pumping two coating units
  • The TEM turbo coater (AGB7232) has been designed to provide all the facilities required for TEM and in the basic form can be used to make thin carbon support films or for coating grids.

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