Electron Microscopy Grids - Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy

Agar Scientific offer a wide range of grids for SEM and TEM. Standard grade grids are offered in nickel, gold or copper, or in copper with one side flash coated with palladium for identification purposes. All grids are offered in 3.05 mm diameter and some in 2.3 mm diameter. Unless specified otherwise all Agar grids are packed in tubes of 100.

Agar's range of grids includes rectangular, square and parallel bar mesh grids, along with a several more specialist grid types.

Parallel bar grids have a wide range of uses and are especially suited to obtaining sequential information from ribbons of sections. Each grid is provided with a mark in the rim for allowing accurate orientation in the electron microscope. These grids are also offered with a single bar through the centre of the grid, with an asymmetrical centre mark to identify the four quadrants of the grid.

Agar also offers folding grids with a latch, which are particularly useful for containing thinned foils which are too thick to adhere to a normal support film. The latch closure allows the foil to be securely sandwiched between the two halves of the grid.

Hexagonal mesh grids offer an alternative to the standard square mesh pattern, offering maximum support for any given mesh repeat distance. Advanced manufacturing techniques enable the production of very fine mesh grids (1000, 1500 and 2000) with high transmission characteristics.

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