Holey Carbon Films for TEM Sample Support

Holey carbon films have a number of uses in microscopy when the mesh sizes of standard TEM grids are too large to support the sample, and continuous carbon thin films can ineastically scatter electrons, contributing to background noise.

Agar Scientific's carbon films with holes up to 100μm are an ideal alternative in these scenarios.

Key Features

The key features of Agar Scientific holey carbon films are:

  • Ideal for sample support when standard mesh grids are too large
  • Further to offering support, the increased image contrast in the holes compared to regions of film is also of benefit.
  • Typical applications include biological and materials science and cryo-TEM.
  • They are supplied as 25 or 50 grids in a grid box.
  • Holey carbon support films can be applied to other grid sizes, material or type
  • Standard materials for holey carbon films are nickel, copper and gold.

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