TEM Calibration Standards - Nanosphere Polystyrene Nanoparticles

Agar Scientific supplies uniform polystyrene particles from Nanospheres for size calibration and quantification in electron microscopy applications. The particles are supplied as 15ml aqueous suspensions with 1% solids in dropper topped bottles. Particle concentrations are optimized for colloidal stability and ease of dispersion.

The following particle sizes available (with Agar Scientific product codes):

Description Code
20nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-20
30nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-30
40nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-40
50nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-50
60nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-60
70nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-70
80nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-80
90nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-90
100nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-100
125nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-125
150nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-150
200nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-200
300nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-300
400nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-400
500nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-500
600nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-600
700nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-700
800nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-800
900nm Nanospheres (15ml) AGS1800-900

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