Microscopy Sample Preparation Tools

Agar Scientific offers a wide range of tools for microscopy sample preparation. Available products include a wide range of laboratory tweezers, individually or in sets.

Agar's tweezers include a selection designed specially for secure handling of various semiconductor wafers, manufactured from anti-acid, anti-magnetic stainless steel with ribbed handles. They are very firm but offer an anti-crush grip, and have a very smooth non-glare satin finish.

Othe tweezer types available from Agar Scientific include:

  • Platinum-tipped Dumont® type 5 tweezers with pure platinum tips. The very fine points permit easy pick up of grids. The tips can be sterilised in a flame, and are resistant to many corrosive liquids.
  • A range of cutting tweezers, specilaized for soft materials, hard materials, or high precision applications.
  • Dumoxel® tweezers for handling SEM specimen stubs and other small items.
  • Butterfly tweezers with soft, coated tips which help to avoid damaging insects or other fragile specimens.
  • Membrane tweezers for handling membranes and other delicate objects without damage.
  • Spade-end tweezers for picking up microscope slides, coverslips and microchips.
  • Perry tweezers
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Suction tweezers
  • Plastic tweezers - made from a glass-filled nylon formulation, a strong resistant insulating material which can be sterilised and withstands aqua regia, acetone and alcohol.
  • The Pen-Vac® vacuum tweezer, which lifts items with flat surfaces that weigh up to 50 g. It requires no power supply, and fits easily into a pocket. The vacuum probes are approximately 32mm long with cup diameters of 6.4mm on a straight arm, and 3.8, 6.4 and 9.5mm on angled arms.

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