High-Quality Glass, Quartz and Metal Microscope Slides

Agar Scientific offers a comprehensive range of high quality microscope slides. The glass is subject to rigid quality processes to ensure that they are impurity- and defect-free. Slides can be supplied pre-washed or polished with ground edges in boxes of 50. A range of labels and markers are also available.

Types of microscope slides offered by Agar include:

  • Frosted slides - these high quality slides have a frosted marking surface available in six colors for easy identification. They can be marked with pen or pencil.
  • Large microscope slides for large tissue sections, such as brain, to allow uninterrupted examination without loss of tissue. The standard thickness is 1.2mm. The slides are shrink-wrapped and are made from optical grade soda-lime glass.
  • Quartz slides made from Vitreosil 077® fused quartz. They are especially useful for applications where UV transparency and high temperature are required.
  • Cavity slides for observing hanging drops. The slides have polished round depressions 15mm in diameter and 1mm deep. They are offered with either one or two depressions.
  • Polysine slides with a permanently positive surface charge.
  • Metal slides for ultrasonic cutting or grinding/polishing.

Accessories like markers, labels and dispensers are also available from Agar Scientific.

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