Dewars for Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Agar Scientific's series of liquid nitrogen Dewars, based on a proven design and construction, offer a wide range of capacities to suit individual laboratory storage and liquid nitrogen handling requirements.

All Agar Scientific Dewars have replacable high-quality borosilicate glass inserts protected by polypropylene or metal cases.

Some of the different types of Dewar supplied by Agar Scientific are described below:

  • Agar's range of small dewars are very useful for handling the small quantities of liquid nitrogen needed for freezing samples or for topping up anti-contamination Dewars.
  • Aluminum Dewars are ideally suited to applications where smaller quantities of liquid nitrogen are required. They are lightweight, portable and supplied with plug cap and carrying handle. Low static evaporation rates are achieved through high vacuum and multilayer insulation.
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel Dewars are ideally suited to the more rigorous environment of industrial applications. A roller base is available for ease of transportation.
  • The low cost, one litre capacity, wide neck Dewar, with a tough blue polypropylene shock-absorbing container, is easily dismantled to replace the insert. It includes a coated carrying handle and an insulated, vented, push-fit lid.
  • Enamelled steel dewars are a range of rust and corrosion resistant Dewars with cushioned bases is available with wide or narrow necks, with a fold down handle and insulated lid. Replacement glass inserts are available.
  • Stainless steel dewars are advantageous for many applications as they offer have well-insulated shatter proof Dewars with a wide neck to allow easy access for introducing articles to be cooled.

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