SEM /TEM Calibration Standards - Polystyrene Nanoparticles for Size Quantification

Agar Scientific's range of polystyrene particles has been proven to be very good for SEM and TEM calibration purposes. It is possible to derive an internal standard of size by mixing a suitable concentration of these particles with the particles of unknown size being studied.

A wide range of particle sizes is available (30 - 850 nm), and the standard deviation and approximate particle concentration are provided with each batch.

  • A statistically significant number of latex particles should be included in any micrograph where a size comparison is to be attempted.
  • It is important not to subject these spheres to excessive irradiation.
  • Polystyrene latex spheres can be used for either SEM or TEM applications. All solutions are approximately 0.1 % weight by volume and are supplied in 5ml or 10ml vials.

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