AP Ultra-Thin Polymer X-Ray Windows from Moxtek

Moxtek's® AP windows have become the standard for light element detection x-ray windows. The company’s AP windows have survived over 10,000 cycles at 1.2atm differential pressure. Furthermore, the AP3 windows have been operating in several customer sites for more than 15 years without any problems.

The products enable customers to not just detect but also to quantify elements as light as beryllium in their instruments. A new AP5 product was released in October 2013. With a novel carbon-based support structure, customers can now enjoy a significantly higher acceptance angle, up to 11% higher solid angle, and up to 20% more transmission for higher overall count rates.

Key Features

The key features of AP ultra-thin polymer X-ray windows are:

  • AP5 windows can be used in all applications where AP3 windows are used
  • The window must be mounted with the front side (the reflective side) facing the high-pressure side of the instrument.
  • Either the customer or Moxtek can supply the mount. In either case, Moxtek must have a drawing of the mount.

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