MXDPP-50 digital pulse processor (DPP) suitable for analytical gamma-ray and X-ray instruments from Moxtek

The MXDPP-50 digital pulse processor (DPP) is suitable for analytical gamma-ray and X-ray instruments such as SDD, Si-PIN, CaTe, Si(Li), and Germanium detectors. The MXDPP-50 has been developed to digitize detector output signals, achieving high throughput, with excellent pile-up rejection. The MXDPP-50 OEM card version is configured to be easily attached portable and benchtop applications. The OEM version includes the digital pulse processor, the detector power supply including high voltage bias, and the automatic temperature controller for Moxtek detectors.

Key Features

The key features of the MXDPP-50 digital pulse processor(DPP) are:

  • Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) system (50 MHz, 14 bit)
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Two independently configurable fast channels
  • Best pile-up rejection for wide range of energies
  • Pulse / Continuous feedback
  • Compatible with various detector types
  • Positive / Negative step
  • Configurable: HV bias, ramp polarity, temperature set point
  • Change detector settings without changing jumpers
  • USB2 Interface High speed communication with Personal Computer (PC)
  • Certified Microsoft Windows Drivers XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 (32 bit and 64 bit)

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