Bench-Top Capillary Rheometer - Rosand RH2000

The Rosand RH2000 system combines a number of advanced features associated with larger floor-standing models and it can be configured for research measurements through to Quality Control applications.

The Rosand RH2000 bench top capillary rheometer offers highly flexible measurement capabilities and configuration options for a wide range of applications from polymer melts to pharmaceutical processing, and from foodstuffs to inks and coatings.

The system features single and twin bore barrel options for cost effective routine measurement capability through to dual measurements for simultaneous assessment of absolute shear viscosity and extensional (elongational) viscosities.

Key Features

The key features of the Rosand RH2000 are:

  • Maximum drive force (up to 20kN) and maximum speed (up to 1200mm/min) capabilities enable a wide range of shear rates, and correlation with many real material processing conditions.
  • Rigid one-piece cantilever frame design providing extreme mechanical strength and stiffness for a compact bench top unit.
  • Unique swivel head design gives easy access to the rheometer barrel for sample loading and instrument cleaning.
  • Range of optional barrel sizes and barrel materials to permit measurement of thermally-sensitive, chemically-aggressive or aqueous-based samples.
  • Wide range of high precision tungsten carbide dies as standard to cover all materials and test types.
  • Easily interchangeable melt pressure transducers to cover all test requirements – configured with low noise, triple-stage amplifiers for optimized measurement sensitivity at the die entrance.
  • Proprietary bi-modal speed control algorithms to optimize shear rate measurement range for a particular die.
  • Precise sample temperature control using three independent zone heaters, with 10 times DIN accuracy platinum resistance thermometers. High temperature (500°C maximum) and cooling coil options also available.
  • Nitrogen purge option available to minimize sample degradation.
  • Accessories for die swell measurement for evaluation of elastic samples.
  • Easy to use Flowmaster software with full range of tests and analyses for shear and extensional viscosity, as well as determining sample stability, wall slip and melt fracture.

Customer Testimonial

Evaluating different operating regimes with a process model is quicker and less expensive than with an equivalent laboratory or pilot program but the quality of the simulation is key. Malvern Panalytical rheometers can provide the material data that Compuplast software requires to develop a simulation that accurately reflects process behavior. Simulating alternative operating strategies, equipment designs or materials identifies an optimal operating condition.

John Perdikoulias, Vice President, Compuplast

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