Rapid Analysis of Nanoparticle Size Distribution and Concentration – NanoSight LM10

The Malvern Panalytical NanoSight LM10 instrument offers an easy-to-use, reproducible platform for nanoparticle characterization. The LM10 enables quick and precise analysis of the size distribution and concentration of all types of nanoparticles from 10nm to 2000nm in diameter, depending on the instrument configuration and sample types.

The Malvern Panalytical NanoSight LM10 is a highly flexible and robust instrument that can be upgraded at any time to fit the changing needs of both routine testing and research laboratories.

Key Features

The key features of the Malvern Panalytical NanoSight LM10 are:

  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple characteristics saving time and sample volume
  • Visual validation of results gives extra confidence
  • User friendly software with easy set up of SOPs for routine use
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Choice of standard or high sensitivity camera
  • Choice of sample chamber with or without temperature control
  • Choice of interchangeable laser blocks and wavelengths

Customer Testimonial

NanoSight uses Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis to measure number-based particle size distribution and concentration measurements, so it is clear exactly how many particles of any specific size are present. Number-based measurements are critical to meet EU regulations relating to the testing of foods and cosmetics, but they also enable the direct study of critical processes such as agglomeration. With NanoSight we can see an increasing population of larger particles and a simultaneous reduction in particle concentration as agglomeration occurs. Such analysis makes it easier to reliably assess the characteristics of these complex nanoparticle systems.

Dorota Bartczak, Researcher, LGC

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis - NanoSight in 90 Seconds

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