Measuring the Tapped Density of Powders - LABULK 0335 Tap Density Tester

The LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester (also known as a tapped density meter or tapped density analyzer), is specifically designed to measure the tapped density of powders as well as flaked or granulated materials by standardized and repeatable procedures.

The LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester easily changes key parameters such as drop height and tapping speed to meet different international standards. The LED and membrane control panel in the system provides fast and easy operation. The LABULK 0335 is also fitted with an acoustic cabinet to reduce the noise level, while a transparent plexiglass door allows operators to monitor the operation.

The system is integrated with a micro computer that prints the test data, including weight, volume, sample number, tap number, tap density, and operator, at the press of the button. The plastic coated outer surface is rugged and resistant to corrosion, ensuring easy cleaning and extended working life.

AimSizer offers both a single-platform tapped density tester and dual-platform tapped density tester.

Key Features

The main features of the LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester are:

  • Flexible parameter adjustment
  • Digital LCD display
  • Fast and easy operation
  • Reduced noise
  • Easily outputting hard copy
  • Easy to clean
  • Meets international standards


Applications of the LABULK 0335 include:

  • Pharmaceuticals (Compressibility Index, Hausner Ratio)
  • Metal powders in powder metallurgy
  • Minerals, pigments, and extenders
  • Catalysts, compounds, tea, coffee, and other powders

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