AS-200 Scott Volumeter and Bulk Density Tester for Free-flowing Powders

The AS-200 Scott Volumeter available from AimSizer Scientific is a standard bulk density tester that is widely utilized in powder testing applications. The system determines the bulk density of free-flowing powders, such as metal powders, compounds and paints according to various international standards.

In principle, a measurement of the mass of a specific quantity of powder in loose condition can be made, as it precisely fills a cup of known volume. This loose condition is achieved by cascading the powder over a range of inclined plates in a Scott Volume. The ratio between the volume and the mass then indicates the apparent density.


The AS-200 Scott Volumeter also includes the following apparatus:

  • Stand and horizontal vibration-free base
  • Cylindrical/Density Cup
  • (Top) Funnels
  • Bottom Funnel
  • Baffle box
  • Balance
  • Brush
  • Spatula

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