CMP Series of Pyranometers from Kipp & Zonen

Kipp & Zonen offers the CMP Series of pyranometers that are reliable, affordable, and can be used in a variety of applications. The CMP Series includes the SP Lite2, SMP3, SMP11, CMP 3, CM 4, CMP 6, CMP10, CMP 11, CMP 21, and CMP 22.

The SP Lite2 Pyranometer is perfect for measuring the available energy for use in evapotranspiration, plant growth, thermal convection, and solar energy applications, whilst the SMP3 is the fastest ISO 9060 Second Class pyranometer that delivers unparalleled performance and ideal for monitoring horticulture, agriculture, solar energy installations, and hydrological and industrial applications. The SMP11 Pyranometer, on the other hand, surpasses the requirements for ISO Secondary Standard pyranometers and suitable for high quality solar radiation monitoring in solar energy and meteorology.

The CMP 3 is an affordable pyranometer specifically designed for precise and routine measurements in various applications, while the CMP 4 High Temperature Pyranometer is developed for measuring artificial or solar light irradiance under extreme temperature conditions.

The CMP 6 Pyranometer offers good quality measurements for PV installations, field testing, and green-house climate control, while the CMP10 is an ISO 9060 secondary standard pyranometer designed for solar energy applications and meteorological networks. This instrument requires minimum maintenance and removes the need for desiccant inspection or change for 10 years.

An industry standard for solar radiation monitoring in thermal and PV energy plants, the CMP 11 Pyranometer is designed for reference measurements in extreme climates and meteorological networks. Similar to the CMP 11 model, the CMP 21 is designed for meteorological networks and reference measurements in extreme climates, polar or arid. The last range of the series, CMP 22 is developed for scientific research requiring a high level of measurement precision and reliability.

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