Fence-line Mercury Monitoring System - Jerome® 451

The Jerome® 451 monitoring system from Arizona Instrument is very useful in solving mercury monitoring problems. It has been engineered to offer long-term monitoring even in hazardous weather conditions and can be stationed at any location where monitoring needs to be done.

It is also possible to link multiple units to form a perimeter monitoring system. Data logging and radio telemetry capabilities make downloading data convenient and easy from a remote PC.

Key Features

The key features of the Jerome 451 are:

  • User selectable time-weighted average (TWA) reporting and alarms with email alerts
  • Relay for audible/v Outside temperature monitoring
  • Inherently stable gold film sensor
  • Wind speed and direction monitoring
  • Temperature controlled interior for increased accuracy
  • isual alarm
  • Programmable alarm points
  • User-friendly PC software
  • Wall or post mounting
  • Linear response throughout entire detection range
  • Scada interface capabilities via 4-20ma
  • Functional test kit (ftk) verifies instrument functions correctly between recommended annual factory calibrations
  • Enhanced reporting function for compliance needs
  • Maintenance tab for system verification and calibration reminders
  • Site view tab to monitor all locations at once, displaying last and datalogging


The applications of the Jerome 451 are:

  • Ambient air analysis, clean-up compliance, detection compliance
  • Disposal and recycling, first responders (HAZMAT) fluorescent lamps
  • Gold mining, hazardous waste sites, leak detection, mercury exclusion testing
  • Monitoring (exhaust duct, landfill, light bulbs, mercury switches, equipment), plant environment
  • Quality control, regulatory compliance, scrubber efficiency testing, source surveys, worker safety

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