Educational Mass Spectrometry Package - IQ-2000 from Extrel

The new IQ-2000 from Extrel is a research-quality, high-performance mass spectrometry system in an educational package. It features an innovative open-chamber design to highlight its high-tech components, and its small, transportable profile facilitates convenient mobility between classrooms.

The Extrel IQ-2000 features not only an analytical instrument aimed at educating future scientists, but also a fully interactive e-textbook. The text is the result of a collaboration among leading educators and researchers who are experts in mass spectrometry.

The text covers an introduction to mass spectrometry, quadrupole theory, and data analysis, while also including an in-depth look at MS systems, components, and applications.

The full textbook will be available with the instrument and is coming soon in the Apple® iBooks® store and Kindle™ bookstore.

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