Flexible Microwave Synthesizer for Sample Preparation Discover SP

The Discover® SP System is the most recent member of the Discover product line and the premier microwave synthesis system on the market. The onboard controls and the Synergy software make it the most convenient microwave system even for those who have little or no experience with microwave technology in the laboratory, at the same time maintaining all the advanced programming options requested by skilled microwave users.

It is a highly advanced technology developed for microwave synthesis and offers provides superior flexibility with easily interchangeable accessories.

Key Features

This novel system has all the features for which the Discover series is known. The key features of the Discover SP are:

  • Enhanced heating capability
  • CEM’s new ActiVent® Technology
  • All in one compact, simple-to-operate system
  • More choices in controlling reaction pressure
  • Enhanced heating capability
  • Superior flexibility

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