Leddar™ LED-Based Sensor Module from LeddarTech

Leddar® sensing modules enable brand owners, original equipment manufacturers and integrators to use state-of-the-art detection and ranging technology to include lucrative value-added sensing features in their finished products.

Integratable Modules

Leddar® sensing modules provide ultimate ease of integration for a wide variety of systems across diverse industries. Their versatility stems from the fact that the sensor is highly configurable and can be adapted to almost any application simply by choosing among available beam widths (3° to 95°), and then setting various easily-adjustable parameters to optimize performance in specific environments.

In terms of integration, Leddar® sensor modules simplify both processes — hardware integration and software development — by including several interfaces, dedicated software, a valuable development kit. The kit greatly facilitates custom application development through its user-friendly programming interface that comes with .Net and C libraries and example code. Sample code for RS-485/Modbus for both Windows and Linux, as well as LabVIEW and MATLAB integration examples are also provided.

Key Features

  • Real-time object positioning and multiple object detection
  • Low-power and cost-effective
  • Highly adaptable and easy to integrate
  • No moving parts, for ultimate robustness
  • Reliable even in harsh conditions

Leddar® Technology

Based on the time-of-flight of light principle, the patented technology inside the Leddar® sensor modules uses LED lighting combines innovative signal processing to continuously provide rapid, accurate and robust detection and ranging. Contrary to collimated types of emitters, the LED emitters of the Leddar® sensor create a diffuse beam (narrow or wide), actively illuminating the area of interest. The multi-element Leddar® sensor also provides lateral discrimination across the entire beam, without any moving parts. Excelling on the widest range of performance criteria, Leddar® offers the best cost/performance ratio when compared with competing detection technologies (laser, radar, video, thermal imaging, ultrasonic, and PIR/motion).

Evaluation Kit

LeddarTech also offers a low-cost full-fledged evaluation kit designed to allow end users to experience hands-on how the new technology can be used in their own real-world applications.

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