Single Column Force Measurement Testing Unit – Model FMS-1000-L2 by Starrett

The Starrett FMS1000 Series is a single-column force measurement testing system specifically designed for high-volume production and quality control testing.

The system includes the L2 controller, test frame and software. The controller includes an Android and Windows operating system with high resolution color, multi-touch display. It is compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and comes with two USB 2.0 ports.

The L2 software includes test templates that need minimal operator set-up to conduct routine test methods, such as push/pull to break, push/pull to limit, and for determining peak results. The software also includes a unique Test Builder application for more complex, multi-stage test methods.

The FMS1000 frame has a 1000N (225lbf) testing capacity that is suitable for compressive or tensile testing. 

Key Features

The main features of the FMS-1000-L2 force measurement system are:

  • Small, compact footprint (15"W x 20.25"D)
  • Includes testing frame, L2 controller with L2 force measurement software
  • Performs compression, tension, shear, flexural, peel and COF testing
  • Performs complex multi-stage testing using advanced test builder application
  • Performs basic force test methods rapidly with user-friendly test templates
  • Carries CE mark and conforms to all relevant European standards. 

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