Profile360 – Real-time Measurements of Complex Shapes

Profile360 is a real-time, in-line, non-contact measurement system for continuous monitoring of key profile dimensions in complex shapes such as rubber, ceramic, plastic, and wood-plastic composite extrusions, roll-formed metal profiles, and profiled wire.

Profile360 uses CrossCheck Line Laser Sensors for digitizing the profile, comparing it to a CAD template and continuously monitoring key dimensions. Dimension changes show a change in equipment, material or process resulting in poor quality and avoid the high cost of defects. Thousands of data points round the profile are acquired by the system and matched to a CAD template, where key measurement parameters such as width, thickness, gap, radius, and angle are extracted.

Allowable control limits and measurement parameters are compared and displayed on the operator’s terminal with a pass/caution/fail status indicator. Profile360 runs at rates up to 14 profiles per second. The system can be custom-built for any shape and size and is available in standard sizes.

Key Features

The key features of the Profile360 are:

  • In-line checking with Profile360 assures that the operator will be alerted any time there is a change in size, shape, or squareness. This helps reduce the time and cost of rework and improves yield.
  • As Profile360 provides real-time measurement, there is no need to cut samples, de-burr the cut edges, and walk to a central off-line inspection station in order to check dimensions.
  • Profile360 greatly reduces the cost of dimension checking, and provides a much faster result.
  • Monitor angles, squareness, gaps, grooves, and other key dimensions in real-time with on-screen optical comparator and trend graph displays.
  • Alarm immediately when any dimensions change.
  • View real-time profile geometry from any PC on your network.
  • Report complete dimensional statistics for each run. Key Features of Profile360 Software The Profile360 Software offers:
    • Test plan management for all profile designs.
    • Matching and comparison of measured profile to a CAD template.
    • Caliper-based utilities to program each profile design for specific measurements.
    • Display of all real-time measurement data.
    • Display of trend data.
    • Data logging for all measurement results.
    • Standard report printing.
    • Software can be installed on any network PC and connected to the instrument to view the real-time data.

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