Horizontal Benchtop Optical Comparator for Non-contact Measurement – HB400 Series by Starrett

The Starrett HB400 horizontal optical comparator offers exceptional performance with a fully-usable 16" diameter viewing screen, a 21"x5" workstage, 12"x6" of stage travel, and high 110lb workload capacity. Linear glass scales provide 0.00002" (0.5µm) of resolution. A bayonet lens socket accepts a choice of seven lenses or an OV2 Video Adapter for video edge detection (VED). Operator subjectivity is removed in locating edges by optional optical edge detection.

Starrett optical comparators offer a time-tested, cost-effective solution for non-contact measurement. The image of a part is projected on a screen at an accurately known magnification in this simple technology. Measurements can then be taken off the image by moving the system’s X-Y stage, or the image can simply be compared to a transparent overlay.

The HB400 is also offered with a choice of seven projection lenses and the Starrett OV2 Optical Video Adapter, a video camera which can be installed in place of a projection lens to provide video edge detection (VED). All lens assemblies and the OV2 are mounted by a bayonet fitting, which allows quick changeover between magnifications or between optical projector and VED operation.

Key Features

The key features of the HB400 are:

  • 16" (400mm) diameter screen with crosslines, overlay clips and hood
  • Dual mirror design for vertically erect image
  • 21.3"x5.1" (540x130mm) stage surface
  • 12"x6" (300x152mm) of XY stage travel, 2” (50mm) focus travel
  • 110lb (50kg) maximum load capacity
  • Heidenhain glass scales for 0.00002" (0.5µm) X and Y resolution
  • Helix angle adjustment with ±15° Vernier scale
  • 250W quartz halogen surface illumination with fiber-optic delivery
  • 150W quartz halogen profile illumination offers the ultimate system flexibility
  • Bayonet lens socket for quick magnification changes
  • All metal construction for optimum stability
  • Fine adjustment for X and Y axes
  • Fast traverse, zero backlash mechanism for X-axis. 

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