Starrett Profilometer – Off-line Automated, Non-contact Measurement System

The Starrett-Bytewise Profilometer is as an automated, non-contact measurement system to displace checking with hand tools. The profilometer is used for validating the precision of newly-cut dies by checking the extrusion dimensions. The precision and speed of this tool helps reduce the number of die trials needed to approve a new die for production. Once in production, the Profilometer is used to check each run for overall quality, and to monitor for die wear. The Starrett-Bytewise Profilometer can help in enhancing the extrusion quality, reducing raw materials cost, and reducing extruder down-time for die trials.

Key Features

The key features of the Starrett Profilometer are: 

  • The Laser Sensor feature is optimized for accurate measurements on black rubber
  • The Thermal Protection feature turns sensors off at 45 degrees Celcius
  • The Servo-motor linear axis provides accurate and repeatable scan control
  • The Dual Axis Option permits averaging for up to three side-by-side scans
  • The Conicity Report compares the area distribution to one side of the extruded component to the other side. 
  • The Graphical Overlay compares multiple runs
  • The INI file is used for configuration for testing and reporting schemes
  • The Optimized Calibration feature measures 16 thickness values and 4 angle values to assure accuracy across the entire range
  • The Import Specifications feature imports XY break points from a data table
  • The Gauge Report lists the measured thickness values at each breakpoint along with the design specification and error amount
  • The Point Report lists the measured width values at each breakpoint along with the design specification and error amount
  • The Symmetry Report compares the right and left side point width, thickness, region area, and center of gravity
  • The Regional Report analyzes the area and center of gravity
  • The PC Controller allows easy replacement of a standard HP desktop PC from a local source
  • The IPC Option allows the customization of an Industrial PC per the customer's specifications
  • The Remote Support feature enables software updates and training via the Internet via a secure link. 

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