Real-time On-line Profilometer for Complex Tread and Sidewall Extrusions

The On-Line Profilometer (OLP) is a real-time, on-line measurement system for continuously monitoring key profile dimensions in complex tread and sidewall extrusions. OLP uses CrossCheck™ line laser sensors manufactured by Bytewise. These multi-sensor systems obtain thousands of data points around the profile and match them to a CAD template, where key measurement thickness and width parameters are extracted. Measurement parameters can be compared to permissible control limits and displayed on the operator’s terminal with a green/yellow/red (pass/caution/fail) status indicator. Profiles are obtained at a user-set rate up to 14 profiles per second and all measurements are recorded to a history file. OLP is available in several width sizes, from 150 to 1200mm, in 150mm increments.

Key Features

The key features of the OLP are:

  • The C-Frame Design permits the installation and removal of system without interrupting production
  • The O-Frame Design has a reinforced frame for added stability
  • Run Mode feature enables the system to run continuously at a clock frequency or be triggered from an encoder or relay contact
  • Communication interface feature communicates measure values to external systems by Modbus TCP or OPC Server
  • Analog output option is used to stream analog measure values to external systems
  • Alarm option includes an alarm via red/yellow/green light tower with horn
  • Multiple Profile Matching feature automatically matches multiple profiles that move independently
  • Sub-Region Matching feature matches partial segments of flexible profiles to a CAD template independently
  • Measurement Display features real time value, trend chart, cp, cpk, mean, and histogram
  • Data Logging records all measurements to a dat log file
  • Report feature allows the user to print a Quality Report for each run
  • Time Stamp feature records each measurement cycle with a date and time stamp to support quality audits
  • Error Vector Display feature highlights profile deviation from CAD template
  • Multiple Datum Anchor establishes multiple three-point datums for profile matching
  • The Registration feature provides fast and easy automatic calibration and alignment checking
  • The Optical Comparator Display compares a measured profile to a CAD template same as a 10X Optical Comparator
  • Caliper Tool Bar measures the thickness, width, angle, radius, radius center point, bump, link, line regression, and formula
  • Matching feature compares the measured profile to the design template (CAD file)
  • Auto-Save Snapshot feature saves a complete profile visualization and data set on a user-defined clock interval
  • Vortex Cooling Option maintains cool operating temperature in hot environments

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