The FRITSCH sieve range can be used to perform all typical sieving tasks in the laboratory.

The range includes the ANALYSETTE 3 SPARTAN, ANALYSETTE 3 PRO, and ANALYSETTE 18. These well-conceived instruments make the work easier and faster and are suitable for sieving, separating, fractioning, and measuring the quantitative particle size distribution of solids and suspensions.

The ANALYSETTE 3 SPARTAN is designed for simple sieving tasks in the lab; the ANALYSETTE 3 PRO offers precise sieving with amplitude control; and the ANALYSETTE 18 is perfect for effective sieving of large quantities of materials.

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Key Features

  • Easy to operate, reliable and long-lasting
  • Dry, wet and micro-precision sieving
  • Simple, ergonomic operation
  • Fast, reproducible results
  • Sieve diameter from 100mm to 450mm, mesh widths from 5µm to 125mm
  • Sample quantities from 0.05g to 15kg
  • Automatic sieve evaluation with FRITSCH software, AUTOSIEVE
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Can be utilized as testing equipment according to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards.
Sieving a flour sample with the Vibratory Sieve ShakerANALYSETTE 3 PRO


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