Knife Mill for Sample Homogenization

The new FRITSCH Knife Mill is a multifunctional, industrial-grade mill that can process homogeneous samples in the shortest time. The FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 11 with up to four cutting edges grinds even problematic samples.

The FRITSCH innovation enables very fast and gentle comminution and homogenization of oily, moist, and fatty as well as of dry, medium-hard, soft, and fibrous samples. This makes it a flawless all-rounder with many benefits for sample preparation in the fields of animal feed testing and foodstuffs; chemistry and pharmaceuticals and many other applications.

The Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 advantages

  • Very fast comminution, homogenization and mixing
  • Knife blades with up to four cutting edges – up to 56,000 cutting processes per minute
  • Additional strong motor power up to 1250 W
  • Maximum feed size 40 mm, final fineness < 300 μm
  • Continuous, reverse and interval mode
  • Up to 1,400 ml useful capacity of the grinding vessel plus Vario-Lid system for variable volume
  • 20 SOPs can be saved and USB interface for SOP management

PULVERISETTE 11 with touchscreen for easy operation.

PULVERISETTE 11 with touchscreen for easy operation.

Easy Cleaning and Safe Operating Due to Professional Quality

The special safety is guaranteed by the fastening of the knife with a bayonet lock. It cannot come loose even if the start-up speed is too high or the sample material is very hard. Grinding vessel, lid, and knife of the PULVERISETTE 11 are easy to clean in the dishwasher and are autoclavable for sterile comminution. The laboratory mixer in professional quality is a safe investment in efficient working, reproducible results for dependable analyzes and maximum safety at the workplace.

Variable Speed Settings and Turbo Function

The motor speed can be fixed digitally - in increments of a hundred between 2,000 and 10,000 rpm – making it possible to adapt the mill to the exact comminution behavior of each sample. The extra turbo function with 14,000 rpm for up to six seconds eases the grinding of sticky and fibrous samples.

Autoclavable Vario-Lid System

The freely modifiable Vario-Lid system made of plastic PP fulfills two vital requirements at the same time. It can be used to minimize the grinding chamber volume down to 0.54 liters and to manually compress and loosen up the sample material both at the beginning as well as at any time during comminution. Therefore, users always attain a homogeneous sample within a narrow particle size range even for smaller sample quantities and for difficult-to-grind materials.

Autoclavable Vario-Lid system for sterile comminution.

Operation Advantage: Save up to 20 SOPs

With the PULVERISETTE 11, users have the possibility to program and save up to 20 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and to label them with a clear text. So you can directly locate their saved program as for example “cereal bars”. In each SOP, one can save up to 15 grinding sequences, easily accomplished via the touchscreen and the multifunctional dial of the control panel. All saved SOPs can be controlled, uploaded, and exchanged by laptop via the integrated USB interface.

Sample “cereal bars“ before and after comminution

Sample “cereal bars“ before and after comminution

Fast Cryogenic Comminution in a Single Step

Samples which are hard to grind such as chocolate, gummy bears, or plastic toys can be embrittled with liquid nitrogen for comminution straight in the grinding vessel made of stainless steel 316L. The sample material stays 100% cold. Just choose the special lid with the easily exchangeable single-use sieve insert – the unfailing protection against contamination.

Test the FRITSCH Knife Mill!

Customers can send their most difficult sample to the company, and they will carry out an individual sample grinding. The result can be compared by the customers.

Industrial Grade Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11

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