Automated On-site Hydrogen Generator for Site-ready Enclosures by Proton OnSite

Proton OnSite offers a series of automated on-site hydrogen generators in two integrated, site-ready enclosures. These units include the C10, C20 and C30 models, which allow automated tank topping operation with power-conservation mode in the standby phase. Following operation, the load automatically adjusts the output to match the requirements.

Proton OnSite also offers a range of options to customize the hydrogen generators to meet specific application needs.

Key Features

The main features of the automated on-site hydrogen generator are:

  • On board DI water system
  • Product hydrogen at 30 barg
  • Higher hydrogen purity (99.9998%)
  • Factory matched cooler/chiller
  • Dewpoint meter
  • Remote datalogging
  • Outdoor operation package
  • Programmable time of day
  • Dedicated datalogging computer.

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