MiniFlex Benchtop XRD System

2012 heralds the newest additions to the MiniFlex series of benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers. The new 5th generation MiniFlex is a general purpose X-ray diffractometer that can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of polycrystalline materials. MiniFlex is now available in two variations. Operating at 600 watts (X-ray tube), the MiniFlex 600 is twice as powerful as other benchtop models, enabling faster analysis and improved overall throughput. Running at 300 watts (X-ray tube), the new MiniFlex 300 does not require an external heat exchanger. Each model is engineered to maximize flexibility in a benchtop package.

Ideally-suited for today's fast-paced XRD analyses, the new 5th generation MiniFlex delivers speed and sensitivity through innovative technology enhancements such as the optional D/teX high speed detector coupled with the new 600W X-ray source. The optional graphite monochromator, coupled with the standard scintillation counter, maximizes sensitivity by optimizing peak-to-background ratios. If resolution is paramount, incident and diffracted beam slits can be selected to provide the desired resolution. For high sample throughput, MiniFlex is the only benchtop XRD system with an available sample changer. Whether teaching X-ray diffraction at the college and university level, or routine industrial quality assurance, the MiniFlex delivers both performance and value.


  • New 5th generation design for 2012
  • Compact, fail-safe radiation enclosure
  • Incident beam variable slit
  • Simple installation and user training
  • Factory aligned goniometer system
  • Laptop computer operation


  • Phase identification
  • Phase quantification
  • Percent (%) crystallinity
  • Crystallite size and strain
  • Lattice parameter refinement
  • Rietveld refinement
  • Molecular structure


  • 6-position autosampler
  • Graphite monochromator
  • High speed silicon strip detector
  • Air sensitive sample holder
  • Travel case

Application Note

Composition of Barite: A Universal Material

Barite is primarily used for lubrication of drill bits during the drilling and cutting process in the oil drilling industry. It is also used in a variety of other applications including inks, plastics, pigments and X-rays. The density and color of Barite make it a valuable product. However, the purity and composition of the contaminants should be closely monitored in each application as it may change the properties and function of the barite material. In the below diffractogram is a sample of barite collected on the MiniFlex. This material was identified to be 91.7% barite with contaminants of quartz and calcite using the Whole Pattern Fitting (WPF) program available in Jade.

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