Wilson® VH3100 Vickers and Knoop Hardness Tester

Buehler’s Wilson® VH3100 Vickers and Knoop hardness test system includes a 3-position virtual turret, with a Vickers indenter and two measurement objectives. The system is also equipped with a bright-field overview camera for navigation and scanning of samples and robust image analysis, as well as an automated X/Y sample stage (with a travel range of 110 mm x 140 mm).

A custom-designed collision protection system prevents inadvertent damage to the indenters and objectives, caused by operator mistakes. The VH3100 hardness testing system uses the completely automatic test program to deliver an ultimate high-capacity testing platform that can perform 150 make-and-measure indents in an hour (with a dwell time of 10 seconds).

Thanks to its widest range of magnifications and scales, the VH3100 excels through ultimate flexibility for automated hardness testing in compliance with ASTM and ISO, regardless of whether it is used in a test laboratory or in a quality control production environment.

It is suitable for highly sophisticated heat treatment processes, such as in automotive, aerospace, construction, energy, and transportation sectors, which necessitate hardness testing systems to be long-lasting, while retaining precise control during critical test data generation.

The VH3100 is currently also available as “All-in-One,” which is preconfigured with macro and micro ranges, DiaMet Enterprise hardness testing software, closed-loop load cell force control, and precision optical measurement system. The All-in-One VH3100 is easy to operate, and suitable for production control hardness testing.

Listed below are the other features of the All-in-One VH3100:

  • ISO- and ASTM-certified Vickers indenter
  • Load range of 0.05–10 kgf
  • Motorized stage measuring 180 x 180 mm (with a travel range of 110 x 140 mm)
  • 10x and 50x long working distance objective for navigation and measurements
  • 5 MP bright field overview camera for scanning, sample navigation, etc.
  • The DiaMet Enterprise software provides mapping, weld testing, scanning, CHD calculations, edge detection, geometric measurement functions, stitching of overview image, statistics, exporting all standard file types, and barcode scanner interface. It also includes a high-performance personal computer with a 24'' full HD touch monitor.

The completely integrated platform offers operators with a 100% automated environment, to develop and implement hardness tests correctly and effortlessly. Optional vises, sample holders, clamps, ISO-certified hardness test blocks, and other accessories are not provided in the All-in-One, and will have to be ordered separately.

Buehler’s Wilson® VH3100 hardness tester provides a user-friendly interface that is versatile enough to fulfill the growing demands of the construction, energy, aerospace, and transportation industries.


Ease of Use

  • Focus on a quick and simple operation to fulfill the requirements of unskilled operators, while retaining the complexity and flexibility of features needed by skilled users with DiaMet operation software.

Increased Throughput—Increased Productivity

  • Virtual turret including overview view camera (optional)—indenter, objectives, and overview camera are fixed, reducing system complexity.

Increase Up-Time and Lower Service Costs

  • Collision-resistant system avoids damage to indenter or objective
  • All parts and software are fully designed, made, and integrated by Buehler

Vickers and Knoop Hardness Tester

Image Credit: Buehler

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