Flat Panel Testing and Characterization Using the FPT-6

Semilab’s FPT- series products are specifically designed for flat panel testing and characterization. The product is capable of characterizing LCD and AMOLED TFT panels up to GEN 8.5, and can integrate several measurement probes into a single platform, delivering highly accurate measurements across the entire surface of flat panels.

In addition, refractive index and optical thickness of semiconductor and multilayered oxide structures can be determined by spectroscopic ellipsometery at different process steps. The FPT-6 can be equipped with spectroscopic reflectometry, stress measurement, contact angle measurement, u-PCR, Raman crystallinity, line mura detection, and four point probe.

Key Features

The main features of the FPT-6 are:

  • Flat panel testing and characterization
  • High precision measurements
  • Can characterize LCD and AMOLED TFT panels up to GEN 8.5
  • Can combine measurement probes into one platform

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