MET ONE 3400 Portable Air Particle Counter for Cleanroom Applications from Beckman Coulter

The MET ONE 3400 portable air particle counter is specifically developed for ISO14644 cleanroom applications. Routine cleanroom monitoring can be organized with embedded location and sample recipe management. Compliance during periodic cleanroom certification is assured with the MET ONE 3400 portable air particle counter classification wizard.

Key Features

  • Hot-swappable batteries eliminate the need to stop measuring while the instrument charges or for powering down, zero counting and powering back up
  • Time is saved and errors eliminated while monitoring clean room environments
  • Paperwork is reduced with wireless, Ethernet and serial communication options to MET ONE Data Management or one’s own software solutions
  • Sampling plans can be easily set up by area, location and operating parameter, saving operator time. Setup errors are eliminated and time is saved by exporting setup configuration to USB memory stick and by deploying the sampling plan across the entire particle counting fleet.
  • Password protected multi-level user access to instrument provides data security for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Designed for exceptional particle counting performance providing ISO 21501-4 compliant unit-to-unit accuracy and reproducibility
  • Low cost site monitoring solutions can be deployed with the MET ONE Model 3432 manifold.
  • Sample sequentially from up to 32 locations with a single MET ONE Model 3400 airborne particle counter.

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