MET ONE R4800 and R4900 Compact Remote Air Particle Counter

The MET ONE R4800 and R4900 series remote air particle counters are reliable, affordable, and offer accurate data in particle monitoring systems. This series has a compact design with flexible sizing, flow rate and communication options to address the specific needs of cleanroom operations in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, hard disk drive and flat panel display industries.

Key Features

  • RS-485 serial communications are used in the MET ONE R4800 series remote air particle counters
  • MET ONE R4900 series remote air particle counters use industry standard 4-20mA interface
  • Sensitivity ranges from 0.3µm to 0.5µm and flow rates ranging from 0.1cfm to 1.0cfm.
  • Onboard LED status indicator that flashes and sets a signal at the connector for alarm Stay resident RS-485 configuration programming (count time, hold time, alarm level, alarm delay and scaling) is maintained through power cycles (power on/off)
  • The small stainless steel enclosure is compatible with most process environments.
  • There is no fan to disturb airflows, allowing the MET ONE R4800/R4900 series counters to be placed close to sensitive process areas.

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