Inline Photoluminescence Tool for Wafer Inspection

Inline photoluminescence tool is a rapid and reliable solution for non- destructive measurement of wafer and cell quality at any stage of processing from as-cut wafers to finished cells. The tool offers full control of material quality during production.

High-quality wafers create high-efficiency cells making the production more cost-efficient. Types of material defects that can be detected include cracks, high dislocation density, high contamination density, edge contaminations, high vacancy density and low lifetime. Wiring defects detectable include shunt, edge isolation defects and bad finger.

Key Features

The key features of the inline photoluminescence tool are:

  • Features fully automated inline photoluminescence imaging and inspection
  • Quality description by calibrated lifetime map and custom classification parameters
  • Reflection side photoluminescence on finished cells, processed and as-cut wafers
  • On the fly lifetime calibration

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