Determining Protein Solution Structure Using SAXS Camera System

The BioSAXS-2000 SAXS camera supplied by Rigaku is sprecifically designed to meet the needs of structural biologists. The camera is based on a patented two-dimensional Kratky design and can be mounted on the open port of a Rigaku rotating anode X-ray generator, or can be coupled to a Rigaku microfocus sealed tube X-ray source.

The BioSAXS AUTO configuration includes time-saving features such as an Automatic Analysis Pipeline based on the ATSAS package and an Automatic Sample Changer for unattended overnight operation. The camera takes up less space than a standard 3-pinhole camera, but provides better flux characteristics.

Key Features

The main features of the BioSAXS-2000 SAXS camera are:

  • Concurrent SAXS and WAXS measurements in a single image (qmax = 0.65 Å-1)
  • Automated sample stage with 3 capillary cells and 1 powder standard position
  • Sample temperature control
  • Can be easily installed on the open port of an existing generator or can be installed with X-ray source, such as MicroMax-007 HF, Microfocus sealed tube, FR-X
  • Point focusing optics eliminates smearing issues common to conventional Kratky cameras.
  • Photodiode beamstop for sample absorption correction and intensity measurements
  • 2D Kratky collimation enables users to achieve low q measurements without realignment
  • SAXSLab data collection and processing software
  • System components are motorized for control from control computer
  • Optional accessories available
Rigaku BioSAXS-2000 nano

Video credit: Rigaku

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