Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer - Series 9000 H from Baseline

The series 9000H is part of Baseline's® series 9000 hydrocarbon analyzer family and has a dynamic range from 0.1ppm to 10% (Propane) or 0.3ppm to 50% (Methane). The analyzer is provided with a combination of analog, digital and logic output functions.

The detector used in the series 9000H is a flame ionization detector (FID) coupled with FlowGuard electronic control for transporting a small portion of the sample gas to the detector flame. The FID is provided with automatic ignition.

During the combustion process, hydrocarbon-based or organic gases in the sample are ionized and then detected by the tool, before being reported as a concentration.

The Baseline® series 9000H is designed for single point analysis of samples heated up to 191°C (376°F). The automatic calibration aspect improves the long-term analytical stability of the analyzer.

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Key Features

  • Superior automation, performance, and configurability
  • Graphical display with simple menu system
  • Sleek rack mountable profile
  • Automatic calibration at user-defined intervals
  • FlowGuard electronic control of air, fuel, and sample
  • Electronic back-pressure regulator with sample bypass unit
  • Separate, multilevel concentration and fault alarms
  • Programmable analog output ranges
  • Programmable relays for concentration, alarms, events and diagnostics
  • Automatic shut-off of sample, fuel and combustion air
  • Remote operation via RS-232 and Ethernet
  • 9000 keeper software for remote monitoring and control (optional)


  • Compliance monitoring for EPA methods 25A and 503
  • Chemical process blending
  • Continuous emission monitoring (CEM) of source hydrocarbons
  • LEL monitoring
  • Scrubber and oxidizer efficiency
  • Vehicle emissions
  • Carbon bed break through detection
  • Industrial hygiene and safety monitoring

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