Nitrogen Generator - N34M/N60M/N75M/N120M/N380M-TV

The N34M/N60M/N75M/N120M/N380M generators available from Proton OnSite utilize membrane technology to generate clean nitrogen from external air source. The N380M-TV is particularly configurable for high-flow concentration applications. The mechanism is load following and automatically adjusts to match demand. Both internal and external components are made from phthalate-free material.

Key Features

The main features of the N34M/N60M/N75M/N120M/N380M generators are:

  • Compact size
  • Quiet operation
  • Wall mountable
  • Low maintenance
  • System senses demand and adjusts production rate
  • Configured for various LC-MS applications
  • No electricity needed


The specifications of the N34M/N60M/N75M/N120M/N380M generators are given below:

      N34M N60M    N75M N120M N380M
Flow rate (L/min) 34 60 75 120 380
Purity Up to 99.9%
Output pressure 0-7 barg/ 0 -100 psig

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