Detection of Impurities in Beverage Grade CO2 - BevAlert from Baseline

Baseline offers the BevAlert System that surpasses the analytical requirements of the ISBT guidelines for the detection of impurities in beverage-grade CO2, such as benzene, methanol, acetaldehyde, total hydrocarbons, total sulfur, etc.

Dissolved CO2 gas in beverages provides acidity and effervescence without introducing any undesired sensory effects. Since CO2 is a major ingredient in many products, quality management of this gas is important to ensure consumer satisfaction.

The BevAlert Analytical System is used by specialty gas manufacturers and carbonated beverage bottlers to monitor trace impurities in CO2 that could have been contaminated during its recovery and production. Rapid detection of these impurities will not only save time and money, but will also ensure a safe product for consumers.

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Key Features

  • Fully automated computer controlled system
  • Remote access via LAN
  • Touchscreen for set-up, control, and data display
  • Viewable data is selectable: historical, realtime and diagnostic
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) generation
  • Built-in audible and visual alarms for concentrations, flow control, diagnostics
  • Optional trailer sample panel for odor, appearance, taste
  • Multipoint sampling available

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