NETZSCH’s STA 449 F5 Jupiter is a top-loading system designed for thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis. The system ensures easy operation and sample change can be carried out using the motorized furnace hoist and top-loading principle of the balance system.

The high weighing and load range of the built-in balance, as well as its low drift behavior and high resolution, couple with sensitive DSC capability to allow the handling of all typical application tasks over a wide temperature range.

True TGA and DSC measurements can be carried out with high accuracy and reproducibility at sample temperatures from ambient to 1600°C. The integrated TGA-BeFlat software feature offers flat baselines and eliminates further work for buoyancy correction. In addition, three built-in mass flow controllers, for protective and purge gases, provide an optimum control of the atmosphere around the sample.

Key Features

The main features of the STA 449 F5 Jupiter are:

  • Top-loading system with a balance design
  • Ideal performance with easy handling
  • Sensitive DSC capability
  • High resolution, high range and low drift balance
  • AutoVac feature enables automatic evacuation and backfilling of the STA system
  • Built-in mass flow controllers
  • TGA measurements possible even on large samples
  • Available with all hardware and software features

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