NETZSCH’s SBA 458 Nemesis has a unique measurement setup, which can accomodate more sample geometries than usual when using this method. Measurements can be taken at temperatures up to 800°C.

The design of the SBA 458 Nemesis includes two heating systems. Heating is performed in an alternating pattern for each selected temperature step. Deviations of hysteresis and linearity due to an incorrect measurement can be instantly observed before and during the measurement.

The SBA 458 Nemesis allows samples to be changed quickly and easily, without any tools being required. This prevents the sample from sticking to the electrodes, which could potentially cause damage. Due to the fact that the thermocouple positions are mechanically fixed, the tedious process of determining their distance prior to each measurement is eliminated. Eliminating this potential source of error in determining electrical conductivity increases the accuracy and reproducibility of the results.

Key Features

The main features of the SBA 458 Nemesis are:

  • Highly reliable and rugged design
  • Measurement setup for varied sample geometries
  • Convenient sample change
  • Outstanding two-heater system
  • No distance determination required
  • Mechanical fixing of the thermocouple positions
  • Flexibility in sample dimensions
  • Certified ISOTAN (CuNi44Mn1) and Bi-doped PbTe available for instrument validation
SBA458 Nemesis EN

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